Predicting the 2024 NBA Draft Combine’s top stay-or-go decisions


CHICAGO – Numerous college basketball coaches will be in attendance at this week’s NBA Draft Combine and the ramifications from dozens of stay-or-go decisions will have a ripple effect throughout the sport. Interviews and tests are a big part of the NBA Draft Combine, but two scrimmages will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday to give multiple potential draft picks a chance to improve their stock.

Draft hopefuls have until May 29 to withdraw from the NBA Draft and maintain their collegiate eligibility. 

Those decisions will be finalized after the Combine ends, but a few have already trickled out. USC’s Bronny James, the eldest son of LeBron James, is expected to stay in the 2024 NBA Draft after being cleared by the Fitness to Play panel, per Shams Charania.

Of course, the financial aspect is a massive puzzle piece to all of this. Utah State transfer Great Osobor, one of the top players in the transfer portal, committed to Washington on Monday with an eye-opening potential $2 million payday on the way. A similar offer could be a tilt-the-scales development for numerous collegiate stars weighing their NBA or college conclusions.

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Multiple college basketball teams have lots on the line during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine. A few have had to keep an extra spot bookmarked just in case a star opted to return. But some clarity is close to materializing.

Let’s dive into the biggest stay-or-go decisions from the NBA Draft Combine with some predictions ahead of Tuesday’s first round of scrimmages.


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